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Alok Arora's Posts

Conversations in Spanish

Learning Spanish online for free is really quite simple and makes sense. Most adults don’t have time to sit in a formal classroom. The cost of a Spanish class could be more than the budget allows. There are many more great reasons to learn conversational Spanish online. When you take a formal language class you must be available at the scheduled time. You have to sit for hours listening to l... »

Learn Conversational English

The easiest way to learn a foreign language for free is online. Online learning is convenient and accessible way to begin a conversation in a different language. If you are looking for an English learning course, try a free online foreign language course. English may not be your first language and that’s not a problem because with an English online course you will be speaking English sooner ... »

Free Language Learning Lessons

There are many reasons to learn Hindi online. If you travel for business and often find yourself in India or another Hindi speaking country, you need to log on and learn to speak the language. If you plan a vacation and want to learn how to order food or get a hotel room, then online learning is for you. If you work full time and don’t have any hours in the day to spend on campus learning a ... »

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