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Is Mandarin Chinese really a difficult language to learn?

Mandarin is often considered a very difficult language to learn. Does anyone know the reason why? Have you tried learning Mandarin?
I think the first question to ask anyone who says its difficult is: Have they even given learning Mandarin a serious go?

The chances are most of them have never tried learning it. Yet its difficult!

Firstly, lets make things clear. Are we talking about speaking mandarin or are we talking about learning mandarin using the script?

The script yes perhaps it may be difficult, learning to speak using pinyin. (using the English alphabet) Well lets see:

The grammar is probably as simple as it can get. Consider this: No memorizing verb tables. No complicated rules for tenses to remember. No helping verbs such as do or does. Making sentences negative or interrogative is also very simple.

One really has to focus on the tones to pronounce well. This is something that’s considered difficult. However think about English, have you ever wondered how complicated learning English pronunciation can be for those who are not native. Shut can easily sound like shoot. Why do cloth and clothes sound so different?

The tones are not so difficult. You can easily understand them and get used to them with a little bit of practice.

One of the things that may get in the way is the vocabulary. Since the words may sound a bit similar. However isn’t this the case with all new languages?

I am no expert at Mandarin but having studied it for a while and having made some progress these are my observations.

Here at Lingosmio we have worked hard to make Mandarin lessons scenario based using bite size lessons so that you get the most out of the lessons without feeling too burdened with the new words.

Have a go at learning Mandarin and let us know how you get along. I will keep you updated with my progress for sure.

Zaijian (Goodbye in Mandarin)


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  1. jeremyparty - 2015-05-05, 9:57 am Reply

    lol , I think chiese is best languages in the word , and if you get to know 2000 chinese charaters ,then you can make the 2000th power of 2 , so many individuals . not including some words combined by 3 or 4 words , defenitely its the best language which can resist the vocabulary explosion ,we can see english or some latin family languages are trying always creat new words . but we never , just new combination , and the new words by puting the different chinese charaters in which way we can infer the meaning from the sperated charater .like rocket , its “arrow “pushed by fire . so we put 火 and ç®­ together , thats okay ,we always make a simple combination to express. but when this happen to englsih , we can do this ,for its too long to write and read . seeing rocket has nothing to do with “fire” and “arrow ” , its totally a new word ,we must explain it .LOL now you can see the brightness and grace of madrine . My bad englsih ,

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