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Why Hindi is an easy language to learn


I have met countless people who wish to learn Hindi, (after all more than half a billion people in the world speak the language) but are too scared to try it because it is “very difficult”. Let me give a few reasons that makes Hindi an easy language to learn:


  1. Contrary to English and similar to Spanish, Hindi is a phonetic language and pronounced in the same way as it is written. The problem is with the script. But if you were to be given a system to read and speak Hindi (and even write, since this is widely used to communicate) using the roman English Alphabet, this problem would be solved wouldn’t it? Check out Lingosmio for this learning system.
  2. Hindi grammar is very similar to the European languages. For example all verbs in Spanish end in ar, er or ir, all verbs in Hindi end with na. The usage of verbs also in Hindi is very similar to the European languages. In fact the conjugations in Hindi are less and easier to remember.
  3. The usage of adjectives is the same as in the European languages. Seriously!
  4. Sentence formation in Hindi is fairly simple and at times very flexible.  So there is no need to stress about the formation too much.
    For eg. Who is he? Can be said in Hindi in 3 different ways. ye kaun hai? kaun hai yeh? ye hai kaun? All are correct.
  5. A lot of the English words are used in Hindi colloquially, such as school, university etc. So in case you don’t know the word you can always get away with it.
  6. Unlike English, the advanced grammar concepts such as past, future and conditionals are not as complex in Hindi. One can learn them easily.

Don’t let the conventional thought prevent you. Try learning Hindi the simple way.

The LingosMio way.

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  1. satpal30 - 2015-02-28, 6:47 am Reply

    Very Good courses, I have learn a lot from this website, now I can even speak Hindi very well,
    All the courses are very good on this website LingosMio..

    Thank you LingoMio!!

  2. coricel - 2015-04-11, 9:17 pm Reply

    I’ve been in touch with indian culture for many years, I’m able to speak few expressions or words. It’s true when you see the script you got scared thinking how would it be possible to make it.
    Let me tell you that I’ve started and i’m even surprised of how fast I’m learning…
    Happy to see your knowledge here!!… I’m going for more!!!

    • Alok - 2015-04-12, 2:25 am Reply

      Hi Coricel,
      Its great to hear from you. We are glad you are being able to learn. Do keep us updated on your progress, also feel free to write to us, if you have any questions. We will soon be updating the Hindi course with more chapters. We will send you an email once that is done.


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