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Why is learning a new language so exciting?

1. Understand new cultures and different points of view.

Nobody can stress this enough. Language really is a gateway to understanding different cultures all over the world. If you can’t speak to them in their tongue it will be difficult to understand why they do what they do. Ever heard that Spanish and Latin people are the happiest people in the world. Trust me you will never understand why until you actually learn Spanish.










(Source: Wikihow)


2. Learning and speaking a new language is more pleasurable than sex or drugs.

I have had this discussion with multiple people and surprisingly many shared the opinion. Learning new words activates the same brain regions as sex and drugs. Personally speaking, some of the most memorable moments of my life have involved me conversing in Spanish or Portuguese.














3. Get praise and affection for making mistakes also.

Imagine making a mistake, how much criticism you may have to face for it. But making a mistake while learning a language, you will never get criticism. In fact a lot of the times people may find it “cute”. Some of the funniest and “cutest” stories I have to tell involve me making mistakes all the time.












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4. Make friends easily AND from all over the word.

Do you speak only your native tongue? Do you realise most of your friends are from you own country. Sigh…you would not have anyone to show you around if you traveled to another country. When you are learning a new language you are forced to talk to people you don’t know, this forces you to make friends outside of your comfort zone. Soon, you will realise that you are so socially active that you don’t take long to make friends at all.









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5. Express yourself better and in more ways.

This is so true. Ever seen a person from South America exclaim with “Awesome” or a native English speaker say “muy bien”. It really is a good feeling, I find when I am very happy and I exclaim using Spanish of Portuguese words my happiness quadruples! You should I try it some day. My favorite nowadays is something I picked up from my Brazilian friend “P*t* que pariu”









(Source: giphy.com)


6. You can abuse without anyone knowing you did.

Ever found yourself in a frustrating situation, really want to abuse but cannot. Well…only if you spoke multiple languages you may have got some relief. My Brazilian friend picked up a commonly used Hindi slang word from me “bh*nch*d”. Each time he says it, he says “ahhh…that felt good”.












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7. Live many lives.

Life is the biggest gift. You would be fool to complain about it or not live your life. Imagine if you could live multiple lives in multiple worlds. Those who speak multiple languages live multiple lives too! Simply because speaking a new language changes the way you see the world.










(Source: giphy.com)


8. Fall in love over and over again.

Who does not want to fall in love?! Imagine doing it over and over. You see, people need to express love in different ways. Some show it with their cooking, some by taking companions skydiving, some by getting on their knees, a lot of them by expressing themselves in a different language. If you find that “I love you” is getting stale try “Te amo” or “Te quiero” and fall in love again.









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  1. coricel - 2015-06-08, 6:49 am Reply

    What a wonderful description you’ve done! It’s a masterpiece of energy and enthusiasm to keep developing our languages skills!

  2. Everton - 2015-06-09, 8:56 pm Reply

    É bem isso mesmo cara! O ato de se comunicar em outra língua é uma experiência muito gratificante, só aumenta nosso repertório de ideias, sentimentos e amizades. Muito bacana!

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